We Continue to grow and build our reputation as the nation's most trusted Subsurface investigation company.

About Us:

Hephzibah Geosolutions is a company established based on the quest of providing quality services in the Earth and Engineering Industry. Thereby providing solutions to various subsurface complexities, limiting engineering field hazards and enhancing decision making for good earth resource management. This is the main reason why our choice slogan remains; “We are your Subsurface Expert”.

Our Commitment:

Your Project is important, our reputation is key - this is why we have an unwavering commitment to providing quality subsurface investigations and consultancy services. We have reliable technicians and consultants each with solid field experience and educational backgrounds that get the job done always.

Let's talk

We understand that each project are unique in their ways and that is why we address each project uniquely, will you be interested in discusing your project with our team.

Hephzibah Geosolutions

We understand the subsurface!! We are passionate about what we do and this translates into high-quality service delivery and support.

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