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Bridge inspection involves more than just looking at the structure from the ground. Different aspects of the bridge need to be inspected, including the deck, superstructure, and substructure.

Wondering How Geophysics Can Help You in Your Project?
Geophysics is a vast field of science that has applicability in various fields, namely engineering projects,
environmental projects, groundwater and hydrological projects, mining, archaeology, and forensicprojects.

Geophysical mapping is the process of obtaining geophysical data from the earth’s surface (it
could be on land, water or over the air) to be able to characterize the geologic or other physical
properties of the Earth’s subsurface. Geoscientists produces maps

Do you have queries about how to be ready for your ground penetrating radar scan?  Whether you are planning a GPR scan or simply want a general overview of the procedure, you are at the right place.

Petrified wood or Permineralized rocks are literally ‘wood turned into stone’. In other words,mineralized wood. They are the remains of terrestrial vegetation, trees or tree-like plants that arereplaced by stones or quartz crystals through a process called 

Electrical Resistivity Tomography, or ERT, is a geophysical method that makes measurements on the ground surface by determining subsurface resistivity distribution. The technique is widely applied to mineral prospecting, hydrological or groundwater exploration, 

Bedrock or basement rock is the hard, solid rock that underlies surface materials such as sand, gravel, or other unconsolidated rocks. They are consolidated rocks (tightly bound) and solid. They are usually extensive and are in some places deeply buried however in some places, 

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