The Electrical Resistivity method is vast in terms of its applications in unraveling various subsurface complexities, it measures the mean 

resistivity or apparent resistivity of various soil, including the effects of any or all the following: bedrock fractures, contaminates, groundwater, soil types. The resistivity variations can be detected significantly between different types of soil units, soil units below or above the water table, fractured rocks/soils, voids within rocks or soil and many more earth’s complexities. It is very useful for simultaneously detecting lateral and vertical changes in subsurface electrical properties.  Electrical resistivity is also used to delineate 3-dimensional structures with anomalous electrical conductivities.


The most common electrical methods used for geophysical exploratory projects are vertical electrical sounding and electrical resistivity tomography or imaging. Hephzibah geosolutions has a vast experience and uses latest technological tools to employ these techniques to produce the best results for any situation. We make use of a fast, auto data acquisition system that enables us to produce 2-D and 3-D maps of the study area.


We are aware that different projects come with their peculiarities; different objectives, differing depth of interests, geologic variations, subsurface target variations. Our team will be ready to discuss your project, our understanding and depth of experience will provide distinct advantage to our client. In situations where the limitations of this technique will make it not to be suitable for your project, we would advise you accordingly and suggest a more appropriate geophysical method.


Typical applications of ERM:

  • Environmental Studies (contaminant mapping, landfill sites).
  • Geological mapping.
  • Depth to Bedrock mapping
  • Geo-engineering applications
  • Hydrogeology.
  • Archaeological investigations
  • Mineral exploration (induced polarization (IP) surveys).
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