Concrete Scanning/Structural Scanning

Concrete Scanning | Structural Scanning

Our Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) equipment can provide you with a highly resolved and accurate scan of concrete walls, slabs, ceilings, or entire structures to locate post tension cables, reinforcing steel, conduit, voids or any other embedded targets in concrete structures.


Our Concrete and Structural Scanning Service can help find.

  • Rebars
  • Voids
  • Slab Thickness
  • on Cables
  • Conduits
  • Post-Tension cables or Voids
  • Radiant Heating
  • Footings

Just like any other methods, we understand that the Ground Penetrating radar method may have limitations of reflection, dispersion, and absorption. We have the most advanced GPR equipment that can close the gap on limitations. We also have in our equipment suite new antenna frequencies and multichannel antenna frequencies able to give highly resolved images on the targeted subsurface.


3-D Concrete Mapping and Reporting


It is not uncommon to hear about clients reporting that even after GPR Concrete Scanning they hit conduits or cables while coring in an area they were told was clear of conduits. Several factors may be responsible for this: inexperienced GPR technicians or erroneous scan process, grid selection spacing choices and sampling rates. These are more reasons why we strongly recommend and do detail 3-D concrete scanning services. Sometimes we switch antenna to different frequencies to achieve high resolution or achieve a deeper depth penetration. Although this thoroughness usually consumes more time to finish the set task, but we are always happy to do this. High detection accuracy can save lives, prevent work hazards, and save cost for companies and individuals.


Added to our accurate scanning procedure and site marking of the located concrete objects is the option of a detailed reports of the concrete scanning project. The report would include the Map of the surveyed area, 3-D image of the scanned concrete, indicating depths, diameter and locations of the located objects within the concrete.


We understand that projects are unique, please reach out to us today to discuss about your project and we would be more than happy to make suggestions to you about your project.

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