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Hephzibah Geosolutions

We understand the subsurface!! We are passionate about what we do and this translates into high-quality service delivery and support.

Our Services

Ground Penetrating Radar Applications:

We provide Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) Scanning Services for different applications and varying depth targets.

Geology and Geophysical Surveying:

Hephzibah geosolutions is a reputable geophysical specialists committed to exceeding your project needs. We conduct Geological and Geophysical surveying services with various applications through our multi-methods approach. We meticulously acquire field data, and our specialists does interpretations and reporting in a timely manner.

Archeaology and Environmental Studies:

Hephzibah geosolutionsemploys a multi-method approach in investigating archeological sites with very little to no impact on the site. Our non-invasive integrated geophysical methods has proven effective in mapping buried artifacts and cnducting environmental impact mapping.

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